Get Busy Entertainment:

Artist and Affilates 


The 40/20 Boyz

 Will Flow

Age: 23

Mr. Ick

Age: 26


The 4020 Boyz formulate there stage name from the address of a common hangout spot where their music studio was located. In 2007 the group consisted of four members; TazMatic, Creeper, Will Flow and Mr. Ick but was cut down to two members due to the lack of commitment from the other group members. In 2008, Will Flow and Mr. Ick obtained management from a former local artist by the name of Jermaine Mitchell and with his help reintroduced the 4020 Boyz to the music scene.

Residing on the east side of Columbus, OH the 4020 Boyz met each other around 2007 at a part-time job they were both working. After noticing a common bond of their love for music, Mr. Ick (Albert Munnerlyn) born on May 4, 1984 in Atlanta, GA and Will Flow (Willie Flowers) born on September 18, 1986 in Dayton, OH began working on their future music career. In college Willie Flowers started recording and performing songs, but quickly found out with his first live performance that “rapping” is more than getting on stage, its entertainment. Mr. Ick the lyricist of the group had never performed previously but quickly became a natural on stage. As a group they have found a way to creatively fuse the sound of Rock, Rap, R& B and even Country music into work. Some of the artist that have influenced the 4020 Boyz are Outkast, 8 Ball & MJG, Andre 3000 and older groups such as The Temptations, The Jackson Five and The Dells. The 4020 Boyz believe that with faith and ambition anything is possible, including them taking over the music industry. Get Ready…Get Busy!


4020 Boyz Discography


- The Pre-Book Bag Theory/Get Busy Entertainment 2010

- Friday Night Sampler/Get Busy Entertainment 2009

- The Main Event Vol. I/Get Busy Entertainment 2009

- The Wacky Wood/Get Busy Entertainment 2009


Future Releases


- The Book Bag Theory/Get Busy Entertainment 5/18/2010

- The Art of War Mixtape/Get Busy Entertainment Date TBA

- Solo projects from Will Flow and Mr. Ick/Get Busy Entertainment Date TBA

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